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Heights Holdings Laguna Bay 2 Pattaya, Thailand
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Laguna Bay 2 Pattaya, Thailand - Units prices


Units Resale


For booking any unit in the Laguna Bay 2 Pattaya, Thailand we need the following information:
1. Apartment number and what name it is bought - Foreign or Thai company.
2. A copy of buyer`s passport (page with photo and date of issue)
3. The exact postal address, zip code - where we send original documents.
4. Phone number and e-mail address.

All payments are made only by wire transfer directly to the project developer bank account.

Prices and terms of payment may be adjusted without prior notice.

Units prices - Laguna Bay 2 Pattaya, Thailand - payment by installments

Details of facilities are for guidance only some elements may be changed during construction process.
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